The Sea-Eagle SE370  inflatable sports kayak is one all-purpose sports inflatable kayak. The SE370 is designed for two or one people. This inflatable sports kayak has witnessed unprecedented and remarkable success in the United States of America, as the SE370 became the 2nd most popular and renowned kayak across the USA.

This inflatable sports kayak is lightweight and weighs just 26lbs. The SE370 can be transported very easily and can be inflated more easily.This inflatable kayak comes equipped with 5 one-way valves, which makes sure the amount of air required is maintained inside, the salt and sun resistant material of SE370 helps in easy inflation.

This inflatable sports kayak can be customized as well, through the add-on packages, which can be bought along with it. The inflatable kayak comes with the option of 3 different packages of the accessory; each of the accessory package includes one-foot pump, seats, oars, repair kit, and carry bag.However, one will find that there are slight differences between its packs. The basic add-on is the Deluxe-Package that has 2 basic seats.

The next rise in the cost is for Pro-package and that is similar to the Deluxe Package but has the deluxe seats. The QuickSail is the most costly package that comes with the choice to add one sail to the kayak for additional speed and extra deluxe seats.

The Sea-Eagle SE370 Inflatable Sports Kayak Features

Floor Construction

The SE370 inflatable kayak comes with a five tube construction that helps in improving the performance of the padding of the inflatable kayak by enhancing the seat positioning and the weight distribution. The SE370 kayak’s weight bearing floor with an integral I-beam is produced using several large tubes that are ideal for optimizing the floor’s rigidity. The tubes’ sizes also help one with the speed and tracking of the SE370 and help one in paddling for additional distances without much hassle.

Speed and Tracking

The majority of competitive boats do not come with the rear skegs & this becomes a major drawback as it makes the boat or kayak to weave without any aim and this negates all the paddling effort. In order to prevent the aimless weaving, the SE370 inflatable kayak has added 2 molded skegs. These two skegs help one to track easily & speed across. It also helps in reducing the effort that is usually taken to ensure the smooth tracking. The skegs are made of molded plastic, which is very durable and ensures the longevity of the skegs. The highly durable molded plastic prevents the skegs from being ruined by rough and sharp objects.

Valve System

The other conventional sports kayak comes with the pipe valves, but the SE370 comes with the deluxe one-way valves. The deluxe one way valves are easy to operate & offer a greater contrast with the counterparts of the pipe valve, which are actually hard to close, susceptible to damage or cracking, and cannot retain air. The one-way valves’ inner diaphragm prevents the air from getting out after being pumped in. The valves’ large opening further allows for easy and quick inflation & deflation. One can also use seals to enhance or improve the SE370 kayak’s air tightness.


The SE 370 uses a fabric of moderate pressure while constructing the SE370 and that is both durable and tough. The long-lasting and durable fabric is mainly utilized on the kayak’s haul, where the fabric undergoes the process of welding of high frequency for a high-quality and smooth finish. Moreover, the Poly Kry lar’s properties such as tear resistance help the kayak in withstanding sharp impacts.

This ensures that the kayak is not ripped or torn apart whenever it comes to direct contact with any damaging objects such as rocks and stones. The extra thick material of the Se370 has been formulated and constructed with long-life additives and this helps the kayak to withstand UV rays, gasoline, oil & other chemicals.

Assembly Time

Usually, nobody prefers a kayak that takes a whole day to be assembled. The SE370 offers the advantage of quick installation, which ensures a better opportunity to go for the exciting and enjoyable ride. It requires less than eight minutes for setting up and installing SE370 kayak, which is quicker compared to many kayaks. In addition to this, there is one three deluxe one-way valve, which helps in speeding up the inflation.

Pros :

• Easily transported

• Great stability

• Rugged hull and quality construction

• Easy storage

• Simple set up procedure

• Lightweight

• Durable

• Inflates & deflates in less time

• Pressure gauge and repair kit are included

Cons :

• The paddles do not fit in one carry bag

• There is just one strap in the carry bag, instead of 2 straps and this makes carrying the kayak more difficult and challenging

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the SE370 inflatable sports kayak ideal for the beginners or amateurs?

Ans: Yes, the SE370 inflatable kayak offers greater comfort and easy operation, which makes it an ideal kayak for the beginners.

Q: Are the SE370 kayak’s seats inflatable?

Ans: Yes, the seats of the SE370 kayak are inflatable as well as very comfortable.

Final Words

The Sea-Eagle SE370 inflatable sports kayak with the Pro – package is one affordable & inflatable kayak that is outstanding and remarkably stable, reliable, portable, and durable. The SE370 sports kayak has been given an impressive rating of 4.2 and is perfect for those who have used and loved the SE330, but wanted additional space in it so that they can carry gears or an extra person. The only drawback is its carry bag, but the features and benefits of SE370 are so attractive that they make this single drawback look insignificant. The SE370 is easily the ideal inflatable sports kayak for both amateurs and professionals.

The Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak is available on You can get the SE370 inflatable sports kayak online from Amazon at an attractive price and flexible delivery options. You can also go through the Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak Review to understand more about the product and know what the users, who have bought it, think about it. Looking at all the features and benefits of the SE370, one can easily conclude that this is a practical buy.