Old-Town Vapor 10 Recreational Fishing Kayak Review

The Old-Town Canoes Vapor 10-Kayak can be considered as one excellent affordable and entry-level kayak, which is absolutely a delight to use. This outstanding boat costs less than four-hundred dollars & as its name suggests it is a ten-foot boat or kayak with a hull constructed of polyethylene, which is robust and lightweight. The seat of this kayak can also be adjusted.

The seat is actually comfortable, which is called Comfort-Flex seat & contains special materials that are capable of molding themselves according to a body shape, which ensures the maximum level of comfort and eases on the long journeys as compared to other kayaks that have seriously uncomfortable seats.
The comfortable and excellent construction doesn’t only stop at the adjustable seats, there are thigh braces as well, which is padded for maximum comfort and the adjustable foot braces, which will help one to get an ideal paddling position.

There is actually a lot that can be done to make sure that a person is in an ideal position for both maximum comfort and performance. The Old-Town Vapor 10-Kayak is ideal for beginners and amateurs because of the comfortable ride with very little customization. The Old-Town Canoes Vapor 10-Kayak is very spacious and offers plenty of the storage capacity.

Features of the Old-Town Canoes Vapor 10-Kayak

This recreational and best fishing kayak is an ideal kayak for sportsmen, anglers or beginner paddlers who are looking for space, comfort, efficiency, and easy maneuver. The following are the features of the Old-Town Vapor 10-Kayak.

Comfortable Seat

One can just sit back & relax as he/she catch the targeted species. The kayak comes with a comfortable seat that will certainly make the paddling for long distance more convenient and easy. The comfortable seat is made of materials that can mold themselves according to the shape of a body in order to provide comfort to the maximum level. In addition to the comfortable seat, there is sufficient space in the kayak’s cockpit for convenient and easy embarking.

Ample Storage

When one goes out to get into the water, there are some things that he/she needs to carry or pack with him/her. These things include a rain cover, a water proof bag, safety equipment, lunch box, and all the other necessary things that one may need during the fishing trip. Therefore, storage becomes an important factor.

Many kayaks do not have sufficient amount of space to keep the necessary things. However, the offers ample storage space that will hold and store all the important items that one may need for longer journey or trip.

Top Class Craftsmanship

Like all the Old Town kayaks is made with the single layer of polyethylene. The Old-Town Canoe Vapor 10-Kayak is relatively short and lightweight and that makes the transportation easy and convenient. This kayak also comes with one carrying handle located at both the ends for easy and convenient carrying.

Unlike many kayaks, the Old-Town Canoes Vapor 10-Kayak is constructed with a relatively strong hull, which can easily withstand any damage or any impact. The hull can literally withstand everything. If the kayak is properly taken care of and maintained effectively, this kayak will certainly last for a longer period as compared to other kayaks, thanks to its top class craftsmanship.

Amazing Cockpit and Hull

The Old-Town Vapor 10-Kayak’s hull can be easily considered as the most important and prominent feature. The hull is efficient and equally stable. The hull makes the kayak ideal for anglers and sportsmen out in the water. The cockpit of the Old-Town Canoes Vapor 10-Kayak is very spacious. The roomy and spacious cockpit is very appealing and is one of the prominent features of this kayak.

The cockpit comes with many beneficial amenities like paddle rest, a cup holder in the molded-in cockpit, and a dashboard. Maximum comfort is guaranteed when the kayak is paddled, as the Vapor 10-Kayak has a padded and adjustable Comfort-Flex seat, a brace system of glide track-foot, and thigh pads. All these components make sure that one gets an optimal control of the boat when out in the water.

Pros :

  • It is very spacious
  • It is very stable
  • This kayak is very lightweight, weighs only 49 lbs
  • This kayaks two carry handles on both ends, which makes the transportation easier

Cons :

  • The Old-Town Vapor 10-Kayak has an exterior that gets scratches easily

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Does the Old-Town Canoes Vapor 10-Kayak come with a keel? Anybody who has experience of using this model? 

Ans: No, the Old-Town Vapor 10-Kayak does not come with a keel.

Q: What is the Old-Town Canoes Vapor 10-Kayak’s overall weight? 

Ans: The Old-Town Canoes Vapor 10-Kayak weighs around forty-nine lbs. Although I have used lighter kayaks than the Old-Town Canoe Vapor 10-Kayak, I could also carry with great ease.

Q: Is it only for professionals? 

Ans: No, the Old-Tow Vapor 10-Kayak is also ideal for beginners and amateurs.

Q: Can it be transported or carried easily? 

Ans: Yes, the Old-Town Vapor 10-Kayak is lightweight & compact and can be transported easily. In addition to these features, it also has a handle that makes carrying it easier.

Final Words

The Old-Town Canoes Vapor 10-Kayak is actually one recreational kayak and can be considered as an ideal one. It is constructed for the Flatwater Rivers and lakes mainly but it is equally competent on both white water and choppy water at one push. Moreover, the short length of the Kayak makes it an ideal kayak for long journeys and trips or a vacation. The Old-Town Vapor 10-Kayak is very spacious and has no logistical problem.

Furthermore, the Kayak also has a very strong hull that can withstand literally everything. The cockpit is spacious and ensures maximum comfort. The Kayak is equally good for professionals and beginners. The Old-TownVapor 10-Kayak is ideal for beginner paddler, sportsmen, and anglers who are looking for space, comfort, and efficiency.

Considering the performance and comfort level of the Old Town Vapor 10 Recreational Kayak, this is certainly one kayak that will give you full worth of the money spent. Moreover, this sporty boat comes with rich features, which will certainly meet all the needs of the angler. You will definitely enjoy better rides with the Old Town Vapor 10 Recreational Kayak on almost all types of water.