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Man, seeking sex via Craigslist ad, busted on prostitution, drug charges:

  • A year-old Norwalk man was arrested Friday by Westport detectives on charges of posting an ad on Craigslist seeking sex.
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  • A year-old Bridgeport resident, who posted a Craigslist ad for sex, was busted in a sting operation by Westport police detectives Tuesday.

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The Genius of Street Art people is incredibly inspiring, take a moment to enjoy this form of Art. Funniest Food Fails, cooking can be tougher than it looks. Group Photos from Mother Nature. Blumenthal, who in April called for Craigslist to stop pimping "in plain sight," is trying to determine whether it will continue to block the category. Crazy Photos that you won't believe Craigslist sex Bridgeport Connecticut real How about some witty tee shirts to make you smile today? The plan was for the three to go to a bar and then have sex on Tuesday night, the report said.

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