Best Trolling Motor On The Market in 2020-Top Saltwater & Freshwater Models

The world’s best anglers try as much as they can not spook the fish underwater. Having a quiet motion on water is almost impossible with the outboard engine. This is why trolling motors have become extremely popular among kayakers in the United States and most other parts of the world. Of all the items you need to troll, including downriggers, planer boards, outriggers, and spreader boards, a trolling motor is the most important.

This review is on the best trolling motor on the market. Your fishing experience can become even more enjoyable if you can add this piece of technology to your electric motor boat. Your boat will move faster on the water and you don’t need to expend your energy on paddling. However, it is wrong to simply go out and shop for just any fishing kayak with trolling motor. Only the best will make your time out on the water a most memorable one.

But it is also much more than fun. For some families, the thrill in fishing is more in the fish that adorns their dinner table after a successful catch. By ensuring you cover more area, you would be able to catch much more fish.

Best Trolling Motor For Kayak -Top 10 Models Comparisons!

Best Trolling Motor For Kayak -Top 10 Models Reviewed

1. Outsunny Transom Mounted 12V trolling Motor

The Outsunny 12V Transom-Mounted Trolling Motor opens my review with its spectacular entry. It is a 50-pound thrust, electric-powered, trolling motor that is easy to mount and very durable.

Regardless of where you are, fresh or saltwater, this motor provides a great and powerful propelling system for your boat and ensures that you enjoy every bit of the experience.

With over 10 possible installation spots, this motor gives you added flexibility and convenience. The unique design of this motor gives you an edge. It makes everything easy for you- from start to finish.

It also features a composite shaft and a metal head for added durability and resistance against damaging objects. So you can break free from your boredom, discover new fishing spots or just take your family out on that well-deserved boat trip.

Highlighted features :

Offers 10 different positions where you can lock the lever on your boat. This is great for convenience.

3 reverse speeds combine with the 5 forward speeds to enhance your control and movement.

General specifications include 564 W motor power, 12V input voltage, a maximum speed of 6.5 km/h and a capacity of 5-7 persons.

The handle is extremely comfortable and increases your steering abilities.

It also features a 6” telescoping handle. It is adjustable.

The motor also features a metal head which enhances its durability and gives it added support.

2. Newport Vessels Saltwater Trolling Motor

This is a groundbreaking concept that has materialized into a super trolling motor suitable for all kinds of use and water bodies. It is extremely versatile and has been designed using only the finest quality materials and effort.

This NV X-Series cannot only fit Newport Vessels inflatable boats but can comfortably work on other boats as well, whether kayaks, fishing boats, dinghies, tenders and so on.

With amazing features, including the 3-blade propeller, you can only get the best performance with this one. It is a transom-mount motor and can be powered by a 12-volt battery or a marine battery. Why do you need to break a sweat pedaling when you can get far better speed and fun using this motor?

Highlighted Features :

The motor also features 5 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds. Great for increased movement and performance.

It features a stainless steel hardware, which makes it suitable for both fresh and saltwater.

It also features a 55 lbs thrust, meant for improved performance.

The high-strength shaft features a heavy-duty nylon mount and is made of 36-inch composite fiberglass.

The featured 30-degree adjustable head can move upwards and downwards. It also includes a 6-inch telescoping handle.

Can be powered by a single 12-volt battery which you can easily purchase from good neighborhood stores.

3. Newport Vessels 55 Pound Thrust 8 Speed Trolling Motor

This is another great entry from Newport Vessels. Trust me, if it didn’t have what it takes, it wouldn’t be on my top 10 list. It features most of the same thing that makes motors made by the brand stand out.

The durable composite fiberglass shaft and its aluminum head combine to help you own your ride and make it more enjoyable for you. It is suitable for most common boats, kayaks, and other inflatable boats. It is also great for both fresh and saltwater.

This trolling motor is built with aluminum, stainless steel, and zinc, with the ability to withstand the negative effect that salt water can have a motor. With 55 pounds of thrust, you can glide speedily and cover a lot of area on the water, even with a small boat.

Highlighted Features :

At 23.2 pounds, it is one of the most lightweight products on the market.

The stainless steel hardware is what makes it suitable for salt water.

Also, features 8 speeds; 5 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds. There’s no better way to take charge of your ride.

A 6-inch telescoping handle is attached to a durable Aluminum head for better sturdiness.

The high-strength shaft is made of a 30-inch composite fiberglass.

It can be used with any quality brand of 12-volt deep cycle battery or marine battery.

4. Newport Vessels NV-Series 36 lb.Saltwater Trolling Motor

This line of quality models is made by Newport Vessels and comes in a unique style. It is one of the few motors on the market that includes a LED battery light. The fact that it is a 36 lb thrust powered boat tells you that it is not heavy duty per se.

However, the motor has the capacity to keep you going all day long. It is also future-proof to give it a lifelong performance efficiency.

As one of the most sought-after products out there, the NV series trolling motor has come to stay. Apart from its ability to withstand salt water battering, this NV series has an indestructible motor head. It can take a good beating and can withstand whatever the underwater world throws at it.

Highlighted Features :

Built with great quality materials and a superb concept.

The 5-point LED battery level meter is on hand to help you know how much further you can go or whether you need to change it.

It is just 18.5 pounds heavy, making it one of the most lightweight trolling motors on the market.

36 lb thrust, just enough for the size, workload, and design.

With a DC-12, it also contains 8 speeds; 5 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds.

Perfect for saltwater use. This gives you a double advantage.

5. SEAMAX 55 Pound Electric Tolling Motor

This trolling motor is best for kayaks, canoes, inflatable boats and ka boats. HASwing 55 Pound are becoming a popular kind of motor across Europe and Australia. One of the unique qualities of this product is an included 36” custom-cut short shaft that can better fit transoms in inflatable boats.

The tilting throttle has 10 adjustable positions. This is not all. The handle is so flexible that you can lift it up to 45 degrees upward or downward.

The shaft, made of special composite, is way stronger than those made of metal or aluminum. It is durable enough to be used in saltwater. So whether it is fresh or salt water, your kayaking experience will not suffer avoidable hassles. It is not just durable but gives you so much flexibility as well.

Highlighted Features :

Like the NV-series, this motor includes a battery reader to conveniently monitor battery levels all day long.

It weighs 17 lbs, with a dimension of 43” x 14” x 7”. Perfect weight and size for an average-sized boat.

It is built with a special composite shaft that proves to be stronger than other materials.

Also, includes 5 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds.

The handle is adjustable to give you total control and flexibility in operations.

This product is highly flexible and gives you greater control of activities on the water.

6. Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Freshwater Trolling Motor

This is a high-performing transom-mounted trolling motor from the stables of Minn Kota. It gives you an edge for when you desire to reach even the far edges and corners of your fishing river or lake. It is a legendary innovation that is built to stand the test of time and last for many years.

This is the point where form meets function and gives you much more than you desire. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.

It is a 12-volt motor that has a thrust level of 30. The indestructible composite shaft is also worthy of note, as you get long lasting satisfaction without damage. This product also comes with a 2-year warranty, which is a big statement by any manufacturer. It is a pointer to the guaranteed quality of this trolling motor.

Highlighted Features :

It is a 12-volt fresh water transom motor.

The lever lock feature ensures a perfect mount. So you don’t have unnecessary movement when you’re far out on the water.

The power is cool and quiet and, therefore, does not spook fish.

Also, includes 5 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds. These ensure you wield great control.

6-inch telescoping handle gives you maximum control.

The product has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, meaning you can have great customer support while you use it.

7. Watersnake FWDR54-48 Shadow Bow Trolling Motor

We realize that motorboats are not easy to come by. The financial implications often scare us away. The size is yet another factor that deters us. Yet, we often crave a boat that can be as fast as motorboats and help us reach unimaginable distances in less time.

The watersnake shadow FWDR 54lb trolling motor gives you that edge. The edge to do much more with your kayak or inflatable boat, at a convenient budget-friendly price.

You do not just get added mobility on this one, but it seeks to make your entire fishing experience worthwhile. A pressure sensitive speed combines with the 3-blade propeller to ensure that your ride is easy and smooth, without seaweeds hanging on to your blades.

Highlighted Features :

The thrust is up to 54 pounds, great for the size of boats.

3-blade propeller ensures that it doesn’t get stuck to seaweeds under water.

The circuit board is waterproof, which makes it weather friendly. It means you can go out in the rain.

Foot operated direction and foot pedal for added convenience and comfort.

Stainless steel propeller shaft is corrosion free. This ensures it lasts longer than most other products.

8. Haswing Cayman 24v 80lbs Bow Trolling Motor

The cable steer feature on this one gives it a unique look and operational capacity. With a sound as low as 65 dB, there is no way the fish can hear you coming. It is digitally controlled as it can simply lock your direction and get you there in no time.

It’s waterproof and anti-corrosion qualities are also worthy of note. If the many features of this amazing product do not convince you, perhaps think about the fact that it is made in the United States.

The advantage of owning a US-made motor is that you can always call on the customer support to attend to you. The foot control feature gives you great comfort, while the cable steering enhances your freedom.

Highlighted Features :

Local customer service will speedily attend to your needs.

It is a 24 volt trolling motor with a thrust of 80 lbs.

Foot control and cable steering for convenience.

8 forward speeds for multiple options and added speed.

Its quiet nature doesn’t spook fish and preserves battery power.

9. MinnKota Traxxis 55 SC Transom Mount Trolling Motor

To get the best out of your lake experience, whether you’re fishing or not, you need a motor that can withstand any condition. It is another freshwater device that is perfect for navigation, making it a preferred choice for you.

MinnKota introduces this piece of high tech to make your kayaking experience worth the time. It is also great value for every penny spent as it is known to be durable and also of advanced technology.

With 55 pounds of thrust, there’s very little obstacle that can get in your way. The convenience rolls down to the steering, and stowing can be done with one hand. This offers you great ease and comfort as well. Combined with the durability, this ensures a pleasurable boat ride.

Highlighted Features :

Provides up to 55 pounds of thrust.

The handle is adjustable up to 45 degrees upward or downward.

Includes a quick-locking depth adjuster.

Features a digital maximizer that improves the battery life.

Stowing requires an only one-hand operation.

The Maximizer ensures that the battery can run 5 times longer than many other products out there.

10. Intex Trolling Motor for Intex Inflatable Boats

If you’ve ever used an Intex Inflatable boat, you’ll know that quality is not a question with the brand. This Intex trolling motor is designed for Intex inflatable boats and other boats with similar components.

The 36” shaft makes it an improvement on ordinary motors. Whether it’s the challenger, Seahawk, mariner, or even the excursion, the compatibility is not in doubt.

This motor is great with any inflatable boat that has built-in kayak trolling motor mount fittings. However, it is best to use the product on a boat with which it has the most compatibility. This will enhance how much you enjoy it.

Highlighted Features :

This is great for both fresh and saltwater.

It is designed especially for Intex boats.

Includes an adjustable handle for added control.

Also, includes a battery meter.

It contains automatic features for weed escape.

Things to Consider before Buying a  Best Trolling Motor

I understand that some people believe the fun in kayaking is mostly in the paddling. This should also largely depend on why you’re out in the first place. If you actually need to cover more water area, a trolling motor is what you need. Here are some factors to consider before you make a choice.

Water Type

There are different types of kayak trolling motors designed for different kinds of water. Products that do not have anti-corrosion coating cannot be used in saltwater. This is why most of the products I have reviewed here are suitable for saltwater fishing because they do not corrode.

Size of Boat

This is another major determinant for the kind of trolling motor you should get. Naturally, a big kayak (19ft) will require more motor power (36 volts) almost 100 lbs. This is not the case when the boat is smaller. In the case of a 16ft kayak, you’d require a 12 volts motor of about 55 lbs. Also worthy of note is the weight of your boat. A heavier boat would naturally require a heavier motor.

Mounting Technique

How and where you mount your motor is also a major factor to consider. Based on mounting, there are generally two types of trolling motor for kayak; the bow-mount and transom-mount motor. While the transom-mount can be fixed to the transom spot at the back of the boat and is suitable for small, flat-back boats, the bow-mounted motor is operated by hand, foot, or wirelessly. Although the bow-mount offers better control, it is way more expensive than the transom mount.


The kind of blade on the motor should also help you make a choice. The best trolling motors would usually come with lots of blades on the propeller. This gives it more strength and ensures it can easily cut through grass, seaweed, and other underwater properties. However, if you’re going out on a water with lots of seaweeds growing to the surface, fewer blades will do. With this sturdiness, you have more power to go faster on water.

Battery and Speed Settings

Apart from understanding the kind of battery a particular motor uses, it is best to buy one that has a battery level indicator. This helps you monitor the battery power as you go on. Generally, the settings matter. Find a best trolling motor that has more speed settings and also includes reverse. This will greatly enhance your maneuvering and help you become a better kayaker.

Final Verdict:

So you can step out in style and enjoy the best that natures finest have got to offer. Nothing is impossible on water if you have the right tools. If your desire is to gain speed, do less work and cover more area, any of these products I just reviewed should do the magic. Depending on your preference and need, you can make a choice from my best trolling motors and have long lasting satisfaction.