Best Trolling Motor Battery For the Money – 2020 Top Models Reviewed!

One great reason to install a trolling motor on your kayak or boat the fact that can help you cover wider areas in short periods of time and will enable you to move at different speeds on your fishing trip. But just like most gadgets, a best trolling motor can, of course, not function well without a battery. In fact, can’t function at all.

This what makes it absolutely necessary to purchase the best battery for trolling motor. But making the choice on which to purchase can sometimes can, sometimes, be a challenge for some people especially for those who are new to using a trolling motor.

This article will help you with this, reviewing a number of good batteries for your trolling motor to help you decide which one to buy for your motor.

6 Best Trolling Motor Battery – Comparisons

PictureProduct NameWeightDimensionsDetails
Optima d34m Marine-Battery 43.5 pounds 10 x 6.9 x 7.8 inches Check Latest Price
NMAXTANKS Vmax857 Tm AGM Deep Cycle Marine Battery 25 pounds 7.7 x 5 x 6.1 inches Check Latest Price
Might Max 12v 35ah battery 24 pounds 7.68 x 5.16 x 7.13 inches Check Latest Price
dcm0035 sealed deep cycle battery 23 pounds 7.7 x 5.2 x 6.3 inches Check Latest Price
12V-55Ah Might Max Battery 40 pounds 9.02 x 5.43 x 9.13 inches Check Latest Price
VMAX 12 volt deep cycle battery 69 pounds 7.7 x 5 x 6.1 inches Check Latest Price

6 Best Trolling Motor Battery – Reviews

1. Optima d34m Marine-Battery

Marine-BatteryThis one really popular and one of the best trolling motor batteries on the market. This battery versatile and so you can use for starting operations as well as deeper operations. Apart from using the best marine battery for trolling motor, it can also be used for camping sites. Even boats, as well as RVs which use many different electrical types of equipment, can be powered with Optima.

The Optima Marine Battery also really long-lasting and has a great vibration resistance. The battery life of this battery is very tangibly dependable and it can last long period before it goes out.

These are apart from the fact that does not require maintenance and comes encased and so will not require you to put distilled-water into it. The encasement comes with also makes it spill proof so you can install the battery in just about any position of your choice.

Even when you do not have a very good weather condition, Optima can work for you as it comes with 750 amps. To keep the cold away. At 320 Fahrenheit, it offers as much as 870 amps. These are apart from the 120 minutes capacity for reserve which also offers.

What’s more? This battery has a low internal resistance and so, recharges fast and can get to a charge of up to 90% in only just thirty-five 35 minutes. Bear in mind, however, that you will be required to use the charger that belongs so as not to overcharge. Also, keeping the battery in good condition will require you to very faithfully follow the charging instructions.

PROs :

It maintenance-free

It versatile

It can power even boats that have a lot of other electrical accessories

It works well even when the weather bad

It comes with a spill-proof encasement

It allows you to mount in any position you want

It is very durable

It does not take a long time to recharge

It has a good battery life

CONs :

Keeping the battery in its best condition requires a lot of discipline

If you do not use the right charger, you will overcharge the battery

2. NMAXTANKS Vmax857 Tm AGM Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Deep Cycle Marine BatteryHere is another brilliant performing battery that designed with a rating of 35Ah. It features very tough metal plates to ensure durability. It’s outer casing, also very durable, is made of very durable plastic engineered for use on trolling motors of 18-40 pound thrust.

Designed also for deeper operations, here is an AGM battery that can run for a minimum of 5 hours when using minimum speed and will work just right on small sized boats.

Guess what else? This can even provide power for you at your house f the electricity ever goes out. This means that can work in the stead of a generator to power your gadgets at home from your laptop to your DVD to your TV. Just like Optima, this spill-proof battery can be mounted in any position and is also maintenance free.

This battery also weighs just 25 pounds and very portable, offering a handle that allows you to easily carry it. Looking for a light, portable and yet efficient best deep cycle battery for trolling motor? You just might have found t.

PROs :

It is compact

It has very title weight which makes easy to move with

It can serve as an alternative to a generator at home

It’s maintenance free

It can be mounted in any angle

It is very durable

CONs :

It may not be the best choice for a campsite because can be very limited in this situation

It costs quite an amount more than the other brands of trolling motor batteries

3. Might Max 12v 35ah battery

Might Max BatteryMighty Max offers a number of great features that even exceed the amount you will spend on it. Here is a very compact battery measuring a width of 7.68, a depth of 5.16 and a height of 7.13. Weighing about 23 pounds, also very light and so frees you from any burden of too much weight.

This battery can also work fine in a variety of temperatures ranging from high to low and will also last long even under these varying conditions. This also a spill-proof AGM battery that can be mounted in various angles.

Also, Mighty Max resistant to shocks and vibrations and can also be used even doors. What’s more? It does not require you to carry out maintenance procedures.

This will work just fine with a 30-pound trolling motor and will offer its services for up to 3 hours straight. Using RC could get up to another 45-minutes extra before needing to recharge the battery again.

PROs :

It lightweight

It is compact and portable

It does not require you to use a specific charger

It does not require maintenance

It spill proof and so can be mounted in any angle

It can withstand shocks and vibrations

It can work fine in a variety of temperatures

CONs :

It does not charge very quickly

If you plan to have a trip of up to a week long, this may not be your best option

4.dcm0035 sealed deep cycle battery

sealed deep cycle batteryThis another very compact trolling motor battery that will offer you great services. Also with a rating of 35Ah, it will give you power quite a good number of hours on the water. In an inflatable kayak of up to 9 feet, this battery can provide power for about 6 hours.

This can also serve other purposes like powering some kinds of medical equipment such as wheel chairs as well as other electrical accessories in your trailer or RV.

This battery, like the others, is also spill-proof and can be installed in a variety of positions. You can also use your normal 12v charger to recharge it, you do not need a special charger.

This AGM battery measuring only 7.7 by 5.2 by 6.3 inches and weighing only 23.8 pounds, is one of your best bets for a portable and effective trolling motor battery.

PROs :

It compact and will not take up a lot of space

It lightweight and so will fit perfectly for especially small boats

It can fit well in cramped RVs

It provides sufficient power for a good number of hours on the water

It goes beyond powering boats to powering some medical equipment and other electrical gadgets

You can use your regular charger for this battery

CONs :

It does not charge quickly

5.12V-55Ah Might Max  Battery

Might Max BatteryIf you have a low budget and yet want to spend a long period on your aqua-trips and you want speeds that are not quite low, then this trolling motor battery should do you a lot of good. This Mighty Max has a 55Ah rating and will be fine for a 30-pound motor.

You can get up to about four hours of power even when at unwavering full speeds and up to 6 hours of power f you go down a little on your speed levels. And the battery can last even longer.

And you don’t need to worry about the size or weight. It’s neither too big nor too heavy. Even though this battery is not as compact as the 35Ah battery, it not so much bigger and still comes with a friendly size as well as a bearable weight.

This battery has a measurement of 9.02 in width, 5.43 in depth, 9.13 in height and weighs 38.6 which is a difference of just fourteen pounds from the 35Ah battery.

This Mighty Max battery also spill-proof and so can be set in any position. Also, it does not require maintenance and can resist shocks and vibrations. In addition, it can be used in a variety of temperatures from high to low.

PROs :

It allows you to use as much speed, on your trip, as you want

It lets you have a tangible amount of time on your trip

You can mount any angle of your choice

It can resist shocks and vibrations

It can withstand intense temperatures

CONs :

It is not as light as the 35Ah batteries

There the possibility for this battery to be too heavy for your kayak

6. VMAX 12 volt deep cycle battery

Vmax BAtteryThis one has a rating of 100Ah and so you can expect a much longer time on your trip. This works fine too f you are using a very powerful motor. It will work with a forty pound trolling motor as well as will work with a 30-1b pound thrust motor.

At the lowest speed setting, this can provide power for about 12-hours. At medium speed settings, can last up to 7 hours and more. At maximum speed, it can last for over 4 hours which better than the few minutes you may get with most smaller batteries.

Even f your motor 55-1b, VMAX will still provide you h great services offering up to 8 hours of use at the most minimal speed, up to 5 hours if your speed at the medium level and more than 1 hour at maximum speed.

Measuring up to 12.1 by 6.7 by 8.2 in size and 60 pounds in weight, this 100Ah battery definitely bigger and heavier than the previous 35Ah and 55Ah batteries. But there are boats it is suited for which can take its weight and size and f yours one of them, then you can connect it with a 12V which will enable you to last longer on your trip even double the normal time.

This battery which also AGM spill-proof and so, like the others can be installed at any angle of your choice. It is also non-hazardous and does not require maintenance. Apart from these, you can recharge this battery through a variety of ways which include using solar energy or even a vehicle alternator. However, you can neither use a small charger nor maintainer in powering this battery.
This battery designed so that it can comfortably stay inside power kit also durable since its body designed with tough plastic to prevent it from damages it may ordinarily be prone to.

PROs :

This battery allows you to last long on your trip

It allows you to go at maximum speed f you want

The battery is durable and long-lasting

It does not take a lot of time to charge

It is also spill-proof and can be installed in a variety of angles

It does not require maintenance

It can be recharged through a variety of ways

CONs :

It costs more than the regular batteries

Best Trolling Motor Battery Buying Guide

There are quite a number of things, as earlier said, that you will need to consider before choosing which battery to buy for your trolling motor. These are apart from the price or the brand or even reviews from other customers. Buying a trolling motor requires you to pay attention to a number of particular factors-First of all, you might want to consider the kind of battery to pick. You have three basic types to choose from and they are:

1. Wet Cell

These ones are designed especially for deeper operations. Usually, they are durable such that they can withstand recharges and repeated drains of power. They are also quite cost effective. But it will require you to carry out maintenance procedures like adding water to it. Bear in mind, however, that you will need to replace to replace this battery after one or two years.

2. AGM

This the acronym for Absorbed Glass Mat and this means that batteries in this category are made of glass-plate and a substance which has a semblance to gel. These batteries are well enclosed and so do not require you to top off with water. They also have a good life span of up to three or four years. Their superior quality, however, means that are more expensive.

3. Lithium-ion batteries

In this category are of the most durable and can last for up to ten years if you keep them at temperatures below 1050. These ones are also very expensive as they have features of higher quality.

Apart from the battery kinds as listed above, let’s look at some other factors you should consider:

Life Span

This will require you to pay attention to the length of time a kind of battery can possibly last. Reviews from other customers will be of great benefit here. The above reviews of different kinds of batteries can also help you make a choice. You might also want to check out the warranty as warranties of longer periods can be an indication of life spans that are longer.


This will depend on the size of your boat. Bigger batteries will require you to use them in bigger boats and vice versa. So in order to avoid weighing down your small boat (if you have a small boat) with an oversized battery, you might want to pick a battery that weighs below 40-pounds.

Durability and Resistance

Pick a battery that comes with features that will enable to last long. Batteries that have resistance
to shock are a good example. The vibrations that can happen on your trips may be a quite really inconveniencing for your battery so you should ensure that what you buy can withstand this situation.


While some motor batteries are just for starters, others will go further to give power to some other gadgets that may require power. Also, f you want a battery that you can use in other things like a scooter or a motorcycle, then you should ensure that what you get can do just that.


This is definitely very important and the reviews of other customers can be the best way to find about this. Look out for a battery that provides you comfort and that you can install in positions that are convenient enough for you to have a smooth trip.

You might also want to look out for what you need to do to maintain the battery. That if you need to do anything.

Final Word

There are probably quite a number of things you will be looking out for when choosing a battery for your trolling motor. These should include the strength and lifespan which this battery has, its ability of service and of course, its price as you can definitely only buy what you can afford. The above reviewed trolling motor batteries come designed with the best of these factors.

If you are looking for a trolling motor that will serve you faithfully on your water trips than the list above will most definitely do you plenty of good. These are among the best and most effective batteries on the market and you can just pick anyone depending on which suits your peculiar needs and of course, fits your budget.