Best Portable Fish Finder – 2020 Top Models Compared!

Fish finders help you gain under-water viewing and locate a fish by detecting reflected pulses of sound energy. They simply send sound waves into the water and when these sound waves contact something, they send a message back to your fish finder. Usually, this message would read on the screen of your fish finder to let you know how deep down into the water the contacted object is.
Since your fish finder would usually give you signals any time it contacts an object, you should bear in mind that sometimes, what your fish finder contacts may be something other than fish. In spite of this, however, your fish finder will prove to be very valuable on your fishing trip if you would just take the time to do some practice and get used to your fish finder. This article will do a review of ten of the best fish finders available, to help you pick your next fishing companion.

10 Best Portable Fish Finder Comparisons

10 Best Portable Fish Finder Reviews

1. FishHunter Directional 3D Wireless Fish Finder

This portable fish finder, suitable for small boat fishing, kayak fishing, shore fishing and ice fishing detects pictures up to 160ft below the surface and about 200ft away. It puts together the power of a whole five transducers working at a tri-frequency into one sonar and can conveniently fit into your pocket.

Its patent pending Directional Casting is another feature you would really love because it helps you to know exactly where there is more fish so you can cast. If you are looking for a fish finder with about the smartest available technology to make fishing a mere walk more over for you then this finder is what you need.

Features and Benefits :

  • It comes with five powerful tri-frequency transducers (381kHz, 475kHz, 675kHz). These transducers provide very high-resolution and up to five time the coverage area you would get with any other portable fish finder.
  • This portable fish finder also comes with 3D Wireless sonar. This allows you very clear views of your target objects.
  • FishHunter Directional Fish Finder comes with a depth range of up to 160ft. This allows you to detect fish very deep below the surface.
  • It is designed with Directional Casting. This feature on this portable fish finder helps you to know the exact position of fish so you can cast for it.

2. Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder

This fish finder can work with smart phones and tablets whether iOS or android and is lighter than most other sonars making it even more portable. It can detect fish up to 130ft deep and its battery lasts up to about four hours.

Deeper Smart fish finder also capable of tracking water temperature fluctuations to let you know when the time is right to cast.

It comes with a Bluetooth wireless technology that allows you to fish from a float tube. With this fish finder, you can fish comfortably from shore or even a dock so you do not exactly need to worry about distance.

Features and Benefits :

  • Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder comes with an activity calendar as well as a diary. With these, you can keep track of your fishing activities and take notes about them.
  • It comes with a Bluetooth wireless technology. This feature allows you to do your fishing even when you are riding a float tube.
  • There is a dual beam fish finder on this device. This allows for a two-acre area coverage for an extended search.
  • Temperature sensors are also available on Deeper Smart. These allow you to get an accurate measurement of the water temperature so you can know the perfect biting conditions.

3. FishHunter Military Grade Fish Finder

This one includes GPS tracking to enable you to track your favorite spots and save you the trouble of struggling to remember on your next fishing trip. So with this, you can easily locate your favorite spots and simply go right back there. It has a protective outer covering made of rubber that can save the fish finder from the effects of any unexpected events like a change in temperature or a fall.

You can receive sonar readings from long distances away with the FishHunter app on your smart device. The depth range of this fish finder is up to about 100ft. It is designed to fit in your pocket and can be just another great fishing companion.

Features and Benefits :

  • It comes with a protective outer casing made of rubber. This feature protects this portable fish finder from the consequences of anything you may encounter on the water.
  • FishHunter also comes with GPS tracking. With the GPS tracking, you can simply keep a track on your favorite spots so that FishHunter takes you right back to that spot the next time you are out to fish.
  • The 3.0 it comes with works over Bluetooth. This allows you to receive sonar readings even when you are away from shore.

4.  HawkEye FT1P Fish Trax

This fish finder is small enough to fit the palm of your hand and allows you fish from a dock, a canoe, a bridge or a kayak.

You can actually drop this fish finder into the water and scan for fish even under underwater vegetation by attaching the floatable sonar sensor to something like a broomstick.

This portable fish finder works well under all conditions and you do not need a boat to use it. Here’s another really smart choice to make.

Features and Benefits :

  • There is an algorithmic programming on this fish finder. This prevents you from getting any depth readings that are incorrect.
  • It is designed with an LCD screen for display. Apart from merely enabling display, the LCD screen makes the device usable even in direct sunlight. The screen is also designed to fog from building up and making visibility difficult.
  • There is a weed on this fish finder. This helps you to find fish in locations with even a lot of vegetation.
    NorCross also features a four-level sensitivity. This helps to regulate any details projected on the screen.

5. Signstek FF-003 Fish Finder

This fish finder is especially good for fishers on a budget. It does not come with all the high technology of other fish finders but it can help you with your basic aim of catching fish. Even though the display screen is not high resolution, it would still show you what you need to see and is readable even in bright sunlight. Sound waves can be sent, with this fish finder, to a depth of about 240ft. It can also detect the temperature of the water to let you know the perfect baiting conditions.

This portable fish finder works well in all bodies of water; rivers, lakes, even small ponds. If you’re looking to get a fish finder that can do the job and save cost, then this is the right plan. Note, however, that cold weathers are unfavourable for this fish finder so you might have to wait for favourable weather conditions.

Features and Benefits :

  • There is a sonar detector. This helps to locate fish and how deep they are with the use of sound waves. It also detects water temperature and bottom contour.
  • It comes with a fish alarm. This alerts the fisher when a fish is nearby.
  • It also features an automatic zoom bottom tracking as well as manual zoom. This enables a clearer view and better tracking of the target object.
  • There is a display LED screen as with many other fish finders. With this, you can clearly read the information provided.

6. Lucky FFW-718 Wireless Portable Fish Finder

Here’s another great fish finder to give you a wonderful fishing experience. You can attach the sonar of this fish finder to a boat so that it is towed from behind. It also comes with two holes to thread your line through if you are using it with a rod and line. You can then cast the floating sensor into the water and do your fishing. Depth and water temperature, as well as visible fish icons, will show on the screen.

This portable fish finder is a smart choice which would also detect bottom contour as well as give you alerts when a fish passes by so you don’t have to miss a catch.

Features and Benefits :

  • This fish finder possesses a sensor. With this, the fish finder can simply go off when it is out of the water and not in use and hence, save a lot of power.
  • It comes with an alarm. This alarm gives you notifications every time a fish passes by.
  • The sensor that comes with it is also waterproof. This ensures that your device does not get damaged from the effects of the water.
  • With the sensor, you can also get updates about the water temperature, how deep the water is, and the number of fish your device can scan at a time.
  • There is a large LCD display. This helps to ensure that you have a good view of the fish you want to catch.

7. Venterior Portable Wired Fish Finder

With the Venterior fish finder, you can view numerous fishes and the complete bottom as well as other natural elements at the bottom of the sea like weeds.

This fish finder allows for easier fishing by zooming in on the target. Venterior has the ability to locate large under-water features to make easy fishing possible.

With Venterior, you can also be sure to know how the water is so you can fish in the most favorable water conditions.

Features and Benefits :

  • It comes with a very sensitive sensor. This sensor makes it possible to easily discover the location of fish by displaying the approximate locations of the fish.
  • This fish finder also comes with a beam-degree-angle of 45 degrees. With this, you can easily zoom in on your target to make your fishing easier.
  • There is a power saving feature. This helps to save a lot of power and would usually cause the device to power off for about five minutes upon the display of the sign “- “
  • There is a round transducer with a 25ft cable and a removable transducer float. This allows you to be able to fish off the dock or from a boat.
    There is also a sensitive sonar sensor. With this, you can measure the depth of the water.

8. VECTORCOM Portable Wired Fish Finder

This device can shoot through the hull of your boat and can detect fish through the clear ice. The VECTORCOM would display bottom rock, sand, weed as well as fish. This would allow you know the exact condition of the water to make your fishing smoother.

This fish finder is also water resistant and alerts you when there is a fish around. VECTORCOM would be another very great choice to make sure you do not miss any catch.

Features and Benefits :

  • The VECTORCOM comes with an alarm. This would help you get an alert when a fish passes by.
  • There is a small, round transducer. This helps to transmit sound waves to tell exactly where fish are.
  • There is a small fish icon on the right side of the screen. This helps to indicate how deep into the water the target fish is.
  • The VECTORCOM is wired. With this, you can fish from the dock or a boat.

9. Hummingbird MAX Portable Fish Finder

This device is an easy-to-use portable fish finder that allows you to see the size of your target fish as well how deep down the fish are. So with this, you not only discover the location of the fish but also how small or large they are.

This fish finder provides notifications on the presence of fish and the size available.

You also have the liberty to reject these notifications. With this fish finder, you can also see what is below your boat with perfect clarity.

Features and Benefits :

  • Hummingbird comes with an alarm. This would help you know when there is a fish close to you. You can also set it to let you know what size the fish is.
  • The Hummingbird alarm comes with an off button. If you would rather fish without the alerts on the presence of fish, then you can choose to put off the alarm and have your peace.
  • There is a Fish ID+. This feature would help you to see the size of the fish detected and how deep down into the water they are

10. MadBite Portable Sonar Fish Finder

This is another portable fish finder suitable for kayak, bass, bank and ice fishing. You can fish in fresh water or salt water with this fish finder.

Underwater images can be sent back to the LCD screen you have on your hands and you would have no problems reading even in bright sunlight. It is also waterproof and can easily float on the surface in case you drop it in the water.

This device works great in any weather condition so you can trust MadBite to give you a great fishing experience no matter the weather or climate.

Features and Benefits :

  • FX3000 Sonar. This allows you to find fish quickly and accurately.
  • There is an LCD front lit screen. This makes for clear viewing even in bright sunlight
  • MadBite also comes with a Micro-tuned adjustable depth range. This allows you to focus on fish in specific sections.
  • There is a built-in chip. This ensures that your sonar settings are stored even after you turn off the unit. With this, you can get back to fishing right where they are biting even after a break in the action.

    Things to Consider Before Buying a Best Portable Fish Finder

    To save from making any of the mistakes that others must have made, here are a few things to consider when trying to pick the portable fish finder for you:

    The GPS:

    This allows you to pinpoint your exact location when out on the water. With this, you can mark productive spots and keep coming back to them when you want. You can also easily find your way to shore in case of an emergency with the help of the GPS. Consider the GPS if you want a much easier fishing experience.

    Temperature gauge:

    This will help you locate your preferred range of fish by taking a reading of the surface of the water to go to find warmer water.

    The display screen:

    Consider the color and size of the screen when choosing your fish finder. Colour screens are usually great to make the come up in different color shades for easier identification and bigger screens make viewing better. If you are especially a frequent fisher then you should keep this in mind when picking your fish finder.

    The cone angle:

    This refers to the width of beam sent out from the bottom of your boat. Usually, it would start narrow at the transducer and widen as it gets deeper. The wider the degree on the cone, the larger the view you will get on what lies beneath. You should look out for a cone of at least 20 degrees if you are fishing a variety of water depths.


    Most fish finder transducers will come with frequencies of either 50, 90 or 2ookHz. Just know that higher frequencies work better for shallow water conditions so keep this in mind when you pick your fish finder.


    The power of a sonar unit is usually described in watts. The higher the wattage on a fish finder, the more efficient you can trust it to be. Low wattage would usually read slowly and this can be frustrating. 2000 to 3000 watts is recommended for most fishers although the minimum would be 600. If you fish shallow water, then you can go with lesser power but if you fish deep waters, you should pick the most powerful unit you can get.


    Pictures appear better on the fish finder screen with the presence of higher pixels. 240 x 240 pixels is usually a great starting point but it’s fine to move higher in order to get a better fishing experience.

    There’s a variety of fish finders with a variety of all these characteristics. You should just pay attention to them and pick the best you can be based on your kind of fishing and, of course, how much you can afford.

Final Verdict

If you have been wondering how to get the perfect fishing buddy to make your fishing easier, even more fun, then the list above hopefully just did it for you. Here’s a variety of perfect portable fish finders for you to choose from. Just consider features like the power, the cone angle, frequency, and screen resolution to help you make the best pick depending on your peculiar needs. If you’re someone who fishes a lot then you might want to consider fish finders with more advanced features like more powerful sonar and larger display screens and if you only fish occasionally, there would be no need to pick fish finders very high technology unless, of course, it’s what you absolutely want.

The list above describes different categories of fish finders to meet your need and very importantly, your budget. The above-recommended fish finders come with a variety of characteristics and with differing prices. If you know how much you fish, how well you fish, what you need to fish for and how much you can afford to spend on a fish finder, then picking one from the above-recommended fish finders should be a simple decision for you. Basically, if a fish finder conveniently does the job of catching fish for you, as all the above can, then it’s safe to say that you have made a good investment and your fishing goals have been achieved.