Best Kayak Paddle For The Money in 2020 – Tested & Reviewed

Owning a kayak is a fun experience. It is important to have quality kayak paddles for your journey. The type of Kayak paddle that you use can determine how far you travel and where you can go. It is important to find one that works well with your kayak. A paddle that does not do well in the water, will not get you very far. Being able to find the best kayak paddle can be difficult.

There are a lot of different brands on the market to choose from. Each brand is promising the same exceptional paddling experience on the water. It can be hard to know which brand is telling the truth. Here is a list of the top five best kayak paddles to own and use in the water.
Each product has unique features that can achieve your high-quality expectations. These features can you help you decide which is the best kayak fishing paddle for you.

Best Kayak Paddle For The Money – Comparisons!

Best Kayak Paddle For The Money – Top Reviews

1. Shoreline Marine kayak Paddle

The Shoreline Marine Paddle is a popular product among users. This paddle has several benefits that make it stand out among its competitors. It is a high-quality item that is able to last a long time without wearing out. This product is one of the top five reviews because of what it offers consumers and kayak owners. It is a good choice for those who are looking for the best kayak paddle on the market.
The construction of the Marine Paddle is solid. The shaft is made out of aluminum material. It is covered and resistant to corrosion. This type of shaft will hold up during bad weather and will last for a long time. The paddle blades are contoured and are a great choice for propel paddling. This item is strong and constructed out of high-quality materials for heavy usage. It is a good choice paddle to use if you’re traveling for long or short trips.

The Shoreline Paddle has a unique design. It looks and feels like a strong paddle. The paddles are 96 inches in length. Each paddle is equipped with drip guards. The drip guards keep the moisture off of you. This item has three positions available to choose from. This helps make you more comfortable when controlling the paddle in the water. The product comes apart into two different pieces. This helps to take it on the go and makes it easier to transport.

The shape of the contoured blades is designed for durability. The contoured helps to move and propel you through the waters without any problem. The paddles offer a swift and accurate steering when pushing and treading water. The paddles are made for stability, power, and strength. The foam grips provide comfort and the ability to have a strong grip of the paddle.

Pros :

The paddle comes apart into two sections

It easily propels through the water swiftly

It is 96 inches long for a variety of kayaking adventures

There are drip guards on the paddles to reduce wetness

It is made of durable material that is resistant to corrosion

Cons :

It felt wobbly in the shaft of the paddle

2. SeaSense X-Treme II kayak Paddle

The SeaSEnse X-Treme II Paddle is a good product to buy. It has several qualities that make it a great choice to consider when looking for the best kayak paddle for the money. Each quality provides knowledge on the type of benefit it can provide. When you review the special qualities, it can help you decide this is the item for you.

The paddle is made of durable material. It is a strong product that works well in different types of water. There is an added ridge support to provide more paddling strength. A nice feature to have available is the three positions that you can adjust the paddle too. Each position is equipped to provide solid grip and lock options. Once you adjust the paddle, it will lock in place to keep you secure in the water.

The product is built with a feather design. The paddle is made with drip guards. The drip guards help to reduce wetness and keep you dry. The guards are able to be adjusted to fit your height and offer better protection.

The paddle can be broken down into two sections. This makes it easier to transport and pack for kayaking trips. The kayak paddles are constructed to float when in water. If you drop the paddle in the water, it will be easy to retrieve. They take up little room when transporting them or putting them up for storage.

Pros :

The paddle has three adjustable positions that lock in place

This product is able to float in the water

It comes apart into two pieces

It is made of a feather design

This product looks good and is lightweight

Cons :

The paddle is hard to take apart

3. Carlisle Day Tripper Paddle

The Carlisle Day Tripper Paddle is used by many kayakers. This brand of the paddle is uniquely made and offers an exciting experience. It has several benefits that make it one of the top paddles reviewed.

These features offer a description of what this paddle is made and how it performs in the water. You will be able to figure out if this is the product for you to purchase.

The paddle blades are made out of polypropylene. The heavy plastic material can take a beating and is a common type of blade. This product is light in weight because of the plastic that it is constructed out of. The rod is made out of aluminum material that is tempered to provide stronger endurance.

The paddle has a nice appearance. The blade is black with a silver shaft rod attached to it. It weighs only 37 ounces. It entire paddle is between 220-240 centimeters in length. It comes in two different pieces that make it easy to transport.

This is a straight shaft product. The straight shaft provides firm movement in the water. It provides a durable construction and is easy to use with a variety of kayaks. It straight rod of the paddles helps you push and gain speed with the waves.

Pros :

The straight shaft offers stable support

It comes in two pieces for quick assembly

The blade is made out of a plastic material

It is lightweight and easy to use

The blade has three different settings for added comfort

Cons :

The blade is not that sturdy

4. AIRHEAD Deluxe kayak Paddle

The Airhead AHTK-P2 Deluxe Paddle is one of the top paddles on the market. It provides extra support and speed in the water. There are several features that this product offers users.

Each feature provides detail of how this product can benefit your kayak paddle needs. You can review these features and determine if this is the best kayak paddle for you to use in the water.

The paddle is constructed with blades that have a curve shape. This item comes in two different sections for easy carrying. When the paddle is broken down into two parts, it can easily be transported. It is 7 feet in length for better paddling and speed. The shaft is made of aluminum material.

It comes equipped with drip guards. The drip guards protect you from becoming wet. The foam grips are a huge benefit because it keeps your hands from becoming sore. It also helps provide more support when paddling in the water. The product is lightweight because of the material it is constructed out of. It is simple to carry and use when kayaking in the water.

The paddle design is unique. It has an angled blade that is able to be adjusted. This is a good option to have when offset and regular paddling. The angled blade helps to provide more powerful movement in the water. The curved shape of the blade pushes the water to provide a faster speed.

Pros :

The blade is curved and has an angled adjustment

It comes in two pieces for easy transport

This paddle works perfect for standard and offset paddling

It is made out of aluminum which makes it light to carry

The foam hand guards provide added support

Cons :

The weight is inaccurate and it weighs more than expected

5. Seattle Sports SeaWhisper Carbon kayak Paddle

The Seattle Sports Sea Whisper Paddle has several qualities that make it a resourceful choice. These features are highly used and recommended by consumers.

This paddle is one of the top five products because of its quality and benefits. The features and benefits can help you determine if this is the product that you want to purchase.

The design of this paddle makes it stand out. It has a sleek shape with a black solid structure. The design of the blade is Dorsel which is a great option to have. It is created to add comfort when using this product. The louvers are designed to grab items floating in the river or lake. They also assist you with keeping and holding your position when paddling down the ripples.

This durable item is a great choice to use in the water. It has a durable shaft and a powerful blade. The shaft is made out of carbon fiber and is extremely strong. It will withstand the test of the waters and will hold up for years to come. It is a quick paddle that provides swift durable movements.

This type of paddle can be used in calm and rough waters. It is a great option to use with many brands of kayaks. There are several uses that this paddle can handle. It is able to be used regularly for long trips or for short adventures around the pond. The strong shaft and curved blade help provide speed and accuracy with ease use.

Pros :

The blade has a curved design

This type of item can be used for different types of kayaking

The carbon fiber material is used to provide a durable shaft

The Dorsel blade design is a huge benefit

It has louvers that are excellent for picking things out of the water

Cons :

It is not lightweight

How to Buy Best Kayak Paddle

There are several things to consider when buying a best cheap kayak paddle. These factors can help to narrow down the wide selection of paddles on the market. Once you have determined these factors, then you can easily find the paddle for you. Each factor is essential to finding the paddle that will work best with your kayak. A solid paddle can last a long time and provide regular use with your boat.


It is important to consider the purpose of the kayak paddle. The different type and size of the paddle can differ when used in lakes or rivers. You will want to determine if you are going to paddling on a long trip or short distances.

It is a good idea to consider what type of kayaking you plan to do. The different types of kayaking paddles to choose from are; whitewater, recreational, touring, and performance. When you have figured out the purpose of the paddle, you will narrow down the search.


The length is another option to consider when buying a kayak paddle. Each type of paddle is made of a different length. These paddle choices are made other types of kayaking. Being able to know the length of the paddle that would work best for you, is an important factor to consider.

When considering the length, you should also make sure you are comfortable using the length you are wanting to purchase. It is important to get the right length that lets you control it easily without difficulty.

Shaft design

The shaft design is a good thing to consider when buying a paddle. The shaft design can have a big impact on how well you can hold it. People who have smaller hands do better with a smaller shaft paddle. There is a difference in the sizes, performance, and shapes of the shaft. You will want to find a paddle that fits well when holding it.

Blade design and material

The material and the blade design is things to determine when buying a kayak paddle. The size and shape of the blade determine the type of speed and performance you can available. A wider blade with a short handle can give you more power and speed in the water.

People who are tall and weigh more may want a taller handle with a wider blade to handle pushing the weight of the kayak down the water.If you do not want speed while traveling in the kayak, you may choose a smaller blade. Once you have chosen the type of material and design you want the kayak to be, the easier it is to make a decision.

Final Verdict.

The top five product reviews are a great product to choose from. Each of these items has remarkable features that make them stand out among the competitors. They are high-quality paddles that are able to hold up to user expectations. These paddles all are equipped with durable construction and creative design to help you flow through the water. The items are light to carry and can be broken down for easy transport.

You can review the features of each product and decide on the item by budget, purpose, and design. Each of these items is considered to be the best kayak fishing paddle for any adventure. They all have unique benefits that make them different from the other. These features can help you decide which of the top five products is the best kayak paddle for you. Check out the features of these recommended kayak paddles to decide which one you want to purchase.