Best Fixed Blade Hunting Knives – Top 10 Models Reviewed!

A true hunter only as good as his knife. You can’t go out into the back country without a trusty blade to help you with everything from making pelts to opening cans. Every hunter will be able to tell you of a time when things went south on a hunting trip. It’s in those times that you need a good fixed blade hunting knife you can rely on.
Hunting knives come in all shapes and sizes. The two main types of knife are fixed blade and a folding knife. Folding knives are easy to carry with the added bonus that they don’t need a sheaf. The problem with a folding knife they’re harder to clean and lack the strength of a best-fixed blade.

Fixed blade knives are a hunter’s best friend. Easy to clean, sturdy with a lot of uses. Today, we look at the ten best-fixed blade hunters knives in 2019.

Best Fixed Blade Hunting Knives – Comparisons!

Best Fixed Blade Hunting Knives Reviews

1. Morakniv Companion Outdoor Knife

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife Morakniv knives, or Mora knives as they’re known in English, are Swedish fixed blade knives without a finger guard. Used by the Scandinavian army a Morakniv knife a reliable tool when you’re out in the field-This wouldn’t be a good hunting list without a Morakniv, so first up on our list of the best-fixed blade knives the Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife.

High-Quality Steel BladeThe Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife can handle the elements thanks to it’s Sandvik 12C27 steel blade. Sandvik makes an excellent blade for unrivaled durability. That means this knife won’t give out on you anytime soon.

High Friction GripVarnished wooden handles look great but they won’t help you in the rain, wind or snow. The Morakniv Companion has an ergonomic, high friction grip that won’t slip out of your hands and can even be used with gloves.

Commitment to QualityThese knives has been around a long time and the reason for that the quality. Everything about this knife feels strong in your hand. The handle well attached to the blade and has a decent weight. I can’t see this knife giving out

Highlighted Features :

  • Superb versatility
  • Strong grip
  • Excellent lasting build
  • Comes from a reputable brand.

2. KA-BAR Fighting/Utility Serrated Edge Knife

KA-BAR Fighting/Utility Serrated Edge KnifeThe KA-Bar Fighting knife is a stalwart of military equipment. A long history in real conflict with a long, serrated blade, this knife a must-have for serious hunters. Having a serrated edge is ideal for making belts or cutting through tough ropes or branches. All in all, a superb knife all-rounder for experienced hunters.

Widely Used by Military Service Members This is the go to knife for military members in the field. A proven track record in military usage means you can trust this knife to do what needs to, whatever the conditions. If the U.S. government trusts it, then so can you.

Long, Multi-purpose Blade The longer the blade the more leverage you get. With more leverage comes more cutting force. Thanks to the serrated edge, the KA-Bar Fighting/ Utility blade all you’ll need to cut, chop or saw.

Kraton G Ergonomic HandleKraton G a company that produces some of the most advanced polymers on the planet. The Kraton G handle is strong, designed to withstand the highest temperatures and pressure. The ergonomic design makes the KA-Bar easy to wield and phenomenally versatile.

Highlighted Features :

  • Proven military track record
  • Advanced build materials with a superior build quality
  • Serrated edge for added versatility
  • Sleek all black design

3. Kershaw Skyline Knife

Kershaw 1760 Skyline Knife Kershaw a US manufacturer with over 40 years experience in the industry. All their products are built in the U.S. so a top build quality is guaranteed. The Skyline series an ultra light-weight slim pocket knife-Technically the Skyline a folding blade, but the unique locking system earns it a place on our list of the 10 best-fixed blade knives in 2019.

Sturdy Locking MechanismWhat separates the Kershaw Skyline from other folded knives the locking system. When I tested this blade I was astounded by the integrity of the blade with the lock engaged. It performs to the same level as most fixed blade knives which a fantastic achievement from Kershaw.

Pocketknife Portability it’s light and safe to carry around in your pocket thanks to the folding mechanism. Another advantage that you don’t need a sheaf which can be a hassle to clean. The 7.4-inch length when folded ßa bit long for most pockets but will easily fit in a pair of combat trousers or hunting boots.

High-Quality, Corrosion Resistant BladeSimilar to the Morakniv Companion, the Skyline made from Sandvik 12C27 steel which sturdy and corrosion resistant. Folding knives often rust because the cavity becomes damp. There is no risk of that with the Kershaw 1760 Skyline blade.

Highlighted Features :

  • Solid lock that won’t weaken the blade
  • Portable-Weather and rust resistant
  • Advanced, GIO handle

 4. Gerber LMF II Survival Knife

Gerber LMF II Survival KnifeGerber have been producing military grade equipment since 1939. Employing the best designers and using the finest materials a Gerber knife is a fine addition to any hunter’s arsenal.

Strong Versatile BladeThe Gerber LMF II Black Infantry Knife has a partially serrated blade with a drop style point. Making ideal for both sewing and cutting. What really impresses me though, is the width of the blade. A good width makes a blade stronger and easier to wield.

Unique Hammer-like Butt Capone of the things I love about Gerber that they always think outside the box. The Survival knife has a solid rear-end that doubles up as a hammer. You never know what situations you might face on a hunt, so having a double use in one tool very handy.

Functional Sheaf l think the reason Gerber a favorite of military forces because their knives are mufti-faceted. You’d be forgiven for thinking a sheaf was just for encasing a knife. The Gerber sheaf has an inbuilt sharpener so you’ll never be caught with a dull edge again.

Highlighted Features :

  • Has so many uses for hunting, military or camping
  • Great ideas like the hammer
  • butt and sharpening sheaf
  • Sleek all-black design
  • A sturdy blade with an excellent girth

 5. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife lf you still need convincing that Gerber makes the ultimate survival tools then bok no further than the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife. Bear Grylls world-renowned for his survival skills. He worked closely with Gerber to design his very own survival knife. The best news, that now you can have one too.

Loaded with innovative features Before we get onto the materials let’s just gape at the features. The Bear Grylls Ultimate knife comes equipped with flint to help you start fires, has a serrated edge for sawing rope or branches, a stainless steel pummel that can be used as a hammer and a sharpener in the sheaf. In short, this is truly a survivalists knife.

Nylon SheafThe scabbard is made from long lasting nylon, with a lock to prevent the blade slipping out. Furthermore, it both damp and mildew resistant to prevent mold or material damage from extreme weather usage.

Ergonomic, Textured Rubber GripPicking up this knife what strikes me most is how easy is to handle Thanks to an ergonomic design with textured rubber grip this knife won’t slip, even in the most adverse weather conditions.

Highlighted Features :

  • Flint to help make fires in the wilderness
  •  Solid steel butt that doubles up as a hammer
  • Super grip and easy to wield- Weather resistant.

 6. Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Knife

Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Schrade is a decent brand with a reputation for using space age technology in their products. The Schrade SCHF9 Extreme is a multi-purpose hunting knife with some seriously cool features. A medium sized all-rounder for hunting, survival, and fishing.

Razor Sharp Alloy BladeSo far on this list of the 10 best-fixed blade knives, we’ve seen steel blades only. Schrade buck that trend by producing a carbon and steel alloy for the knifes shaft. Metal alloys offer all the strength of steel with the lightweight durability of carbon. Up to the minute technology from Schrade.

Portable SheathThe Schrade SCHF9 Extreme is a lengthy blade measuring in at 12 inches. To reduce the issues of a larger blade, Shrade has provided a good quality nylon sheaf that can be easily attached around ankles or to your belt.

Full TangThe another thing that separates the SCHF9 from other knives on our list its full-tang design. Full-tang means the blade is made from one piece and continues underneath the handle. Not only does make the knife as a whole more resilient, it’s also better balanced and agiler.

Highlighted Features :

  •  High technology manufacturing materials
  • Super light-weight for its size
  •  It won’t break anytime soon
  •  Full tang design.

7. Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Paran Knife

Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Paran Machetelf you’ve been reading this article and thought to yourself: these look nice but where’s the heavy artillery? Then look no further. Gerber and Bear Grylls have formed a winning team that makes number 7 on our list of the 10 best fixed blade knives, the Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Paran Machete.

Machete Design, Small Knife PortabilityThe blade on this knife measures in at 9.3 inches. It’s hardly compact, but the machete blade makes this knife super versatile. If you’re hacking away at the underbrush, or need a butchers knife then the Paran Machete does both and considerably smaller than a traditional machete.

Textured Rubber GripThe last thing you want when you’re swinging a machete a slippy grip. Thankfully, the Bear Grylls series all feature a unique textured grip that sticks to your hand in all weather conditions.

Survival Friendly To be honest, you’re not going to need a machete for a casual trip into the forest. The Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Paran Machete comes with a guide on survival full of tips and ideas. The knife itself versatile and long-lasting, perfect for hacking your way through the bush.

Highlighted Features :

  •  Personally designed by survival legend Bear Grylls
  •  Long lasting good quality build
  • Very versatile
  •  For a machete, it’s easy to get around

8. Ridge Runner Executive Wood Bowie Knife

Ridge Runner Executive Wood Bowie Knife lf it’s looks you’re after, then look no further than the Ridge Runner Executive Wood Bowie Knife. Bowie knives are defined by their double edged point with cross handle design. This knife is achingly beautiful with its wooden handle and polished, stainless steel hilt. A perfect marriage of elegance and functionality.
Skinner PointThe blade curves into a double edge which known in hunting as a skinner point. Its sturdy blade is versatile enough for making pelts with the minimum amount of fuss.
Ridged handle Yes, it’s polished steel and yes, it’s the engravings are stunning, but we’re looking at functionality here. The 5 finger ridge handle means that you won’t lose grip easy, even in harsh weather conditions.

Built to last whether it’s the AUS-6 rustproof steel blade, or the real wooden inlays, this knife built to last. Measuring in with a 5-inch blade the Ridge Runner has more than enough to satisfy an experienced huntsman.

Highlighted Features :

  • Stunning engraved hilt
  • Double
  • edged Bowie design for taking pelts
  • A solid grip- Portable

9. Cold Steel 80PGTK GI Tanto

Cold Steel 80PGTK GI TantoFrom fancy to utility, the Cold Steel 80PGTK GI Tanto all about functionality. The looks here won’t matter when you take a look at the price. Top quality build, manufacture and materials go into this all in one fixed blade knife.

Lean, Tactical DesignThe Cold Series might not look fancy but then doesn’t need to. This all about action for a fraction of the price. The blade is fully-tang for added balance, precision, and longevity. The handle is grippy and get’s the job done. This knife proves that simple can be beautiful.

Ultra-Wide BladeThe blade itself a satisfying width that makes it capable of cutting, levering and prying. Not to mention, a wider blade promises a stronger build quality that won’t let you down anytime soon.

Removable GripsHere’s a wonderful little feature that ßn’t on any of the other knives on our list: removable grips. The rubber grips on the Cold Steel series are completely removable. That means, in a survival situation, you can easily latch the blade onto a stick, or piece of rope to create a spear. Furthermore, it makes maintenance easy.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Really good price
  • Surprisingly versatile
  • Removable grips
  • Wide, sturdy blade

10. Survivor HK-106320 Knife

Survivor HK-106320 Knife We’ve definitely saved the best till last on our list of the best fixed blade hunting knives. The Survivor HK-106320 is the ultimate survival knife, packed full of life-saving features.

Easy to Carry The Survivor HK measures in at just 7 inches with a 3-inch blade. In your palm, it’s super lightweight and agile. Even in the sheaf you could easily fit this knife in your pocket or strapped to the side of your boot.

Survival Knife From the inbuilt magnesium fire starter to the ridges at the base of the blade this truly a survival knife. It’s durable, weather proof and, as far as I can see, foolproof.

Cord wrapped handle As good as rubber grips are, nothing matches up to a cord handle. You could grease your palms before use and still have a steady grip on this thing. Plus, the cords can be unraveled to provide a handy piece of rope. HK have truly thought of everything.

How to Choose Best Fixed Blade Hunting Knives

When comes to choosing a best fixed blade hunting knife the first question you should ask what you need for. If it’s simply for back-up, then you’ll want something light-weight and easy to carry. If on the other hand, you’ll be using for making pelts in the field then you’ll want something and double-edged. Finally, if you’re interested in a survival trip, then you’ll need a multi-faceted blade with lots of features. Ultimately, the best hunting knife depends on the right situation. There’s no one size fits all, so think hard about what you’ll be

Using for and how much you’ll be using it.

Handle Design 

Handle DesignHandles are not only to hold the best fixed blade hunting knife but are important for performance, safety, and usage. The first thing you want is a grip that lasts in rain, wind or snow. The typical grip textured rubber because versatile. If you’re using the knife for sewing, making pelts or cutting branches you’ll want an ergonomic grip that dynamic and agile.

Blade Design

Blades come in all kinds of materials. The classic cheap blade is stainless steel. In modern years fancy carbon alloys and hybrids are the material of top of the range knives. If you’re wanting a long-term investment, that you’ll use all the time, opt for a carbon blade. It stays sharper for longer, is lighter and will last. If you’re on a budget, stainless steel will still get the job done.

Blade Style

Blade Style in our list of the best-fixed blade hunters knives we’ve covered a range of styles. Bowie knives, Machetes, Survival knives, double points and standard flat blades. If you’re a specialist huntsmen then it’s important to know what kind of knife you need before making a purchase.

Other Considerations

Other Considerations’ think a big consideration before making any purchase about brands. U.S. based brands, for example, will likely have a solid build quality and be fully certified to produce knives. Lesser known brands could easily fall apart after a few years, so always invest in a good quality, well-known brand.

Final Verdict

The final consideration and the most important is a budget. Don’t overstretch yourself on a state of the art knife if you don’t need it. I’ve included a good range of knives for any budget, so there’s something here for everyone. Think about how much you’ll use t, how experienced you are and what type of best hunting knife you need. After that, go out and buy the right one.