Best Fishing Kayaks Under 500 – 2020 Best Models Reviews

A kayak can provide hours of fun on the water. The kayak a product that designed to easily flow through the water while enjoying a fun-filled fishing experience. It can be used for recreational purposes or for competitive water sports.

There are many brands of kayaks on the market to choose from. It can be difficult to determine which the best fishing kayak to purchase. The reviews of the best fishing kayaks under 500 can help you decide which product works best for you.

Each product has unique features and benefits that you can take advantage of when finding the perfect kayak. Users will be able to understand the unique factors that make each product stand out among the rest.

Being able to purchase and take the fishing kayak out on the water an exciting experience. The kayak reviews have been designed to help you find the best fishing kayak for your next outdoor adventure.

5 Best Fishing Kayaks Under $500 Comparison

Best Fishing Kayaks Under 500 You Can Buy

1.Sun Dolphin Journey 10 ss Fishing Kayak

best fishing kayaks under 500The Sun Dolphin Journey 10 ss Fishing Kayak a good product to use. It has several benefits that make a good choice for any fishing adventure.

This type of kayak a good choice for lazy days out on the water. It is a nice-looking boat in the water and a reliable form of water transportation.

This product is a great choice for the avid fisherman and frequent recreational use. The creative design makes this a popular choice for fisherman to use. The important features will help you to decide f this is the best fishing kayak under $500 for you.


This product constructed of durable material. It UV protected and can handle being in the sun for long hours without fading. The kayak can handle rough waters without any issues. The stable kayak is a perfect boat to use for fishing.

Fishermen can stand up comfortably while casting the fishing line into the water. It able to navigate through the flat waters at ease and a great boat for a full day of fishing. This brand of the kayak made to last and will not leave you stranded in the water.


The design of the fishing kayak offers plenty of room for you move around and sit comfortably while on the water. It has a sporty appearance that most fisherman like and it is easily camouflaged in the water. The cockpit area is completely open for user convenience.

The openness of the kayak makes simple to get in and out of the boat without any complications. There is a seating area that has a comfortable design for users to enjoy. This kayak a good choice for people who want to spend long hours on the water because of its construction and cozy seating that it has to offer.


The kayak equipped with a dry storage area for you to safely store all of your supplies. This compartment will keep your items dry while you are out fishing in the water. It is also equipped with a Portable Accessory Carrier (P.A.C.). You can use this as a backpack to carry on your back, extra storage, and can be towed behind the kayak.

This option great to have available and it nice to have plenty of storage when being out on the water all day. You can take your snacks, drinks, and other supplies with you without being cramped in the cockpit seating area.

Pros :

Plenty of cockpit room

Comfortable seating

Extra storage space

It holds all of the fishing gear that needed for an all-day trip

Durable construction with a lightweight design

Offers a dry space that easily accessible for keys and cell phone

Two mount holders for fishing

The foot braces are easily adjustable

Cons :

Needs more seat padding

Does not have a rudder

Kayak may turn in opposite position when you are stopped in the water

2.Sevylor Colorado 2 Person Kayak

The Sevylor Colorado 2 Person Kayak a good choice for people who do not want to fish alone. You can take your partner, child, or friend with you while exploring the scenic views on the water.

This brand of kayak offers plenty of room for two people to comfortably move around and fish without feeling cramped. It an inflatable boat which makes easy to transport and store when not in use.

If you’re wanting to go out on the water with another fisherman, then this would be a good choice to buy.

It has several benefits that make it stand out among other kayaks on the market. These features will help you understand how this kayak can provide you with a perfect fishing adventure.

Each feature can assist you in deciding f this is the best fishing kayak for you to use in the water.


This product is designed with 18-gauge PVC for a strong construction. It is designed to hold two people at a time when you are out on the water. The inflatable kayak easy to use and deflate when out of the water. It does not take much time to inflate the boat before putting in the water.

This item also has built-in handles on the side that can be used to pull the kayak in and out of the water easily.This item will not let you down when you are fishing deep in the water. It is designed to never sink or leave you stranded. The inflatable boat will not lose air because designed with an airtight construction to keep you afloat.


There plenty of storage space available on this amazing kayak. It has enough storage space to hold all of your fishing gear and supplies for a long trip on the water. This product made for frequent fishing because of the design and large storage compartments has available. It even equipped with adjustable fishing rod holders for you to use.

This lets you set your fishing poles on the holders instead of holding the rods in your hand. Users can set back and watch the scenery while waiting for the fish to bite. The kayak is made to handle a lot of weight and that is why comes with so much storage compartments.


The fishing kayak is a stable boat that can handle harsh waters. It will keep you stable and float along the waters without getting stuck or you stranded. It has a removable fin that helps with the smooth ride along the swells. It able to track with ease and the fin can be used at your convenience for a stable fishing adventure.

Pros :

It is easy to inflate because comes with a pump

The item able to be inflated in less than 5 minutes

The item has side handles to make easy to move in and out of the water

There plenty of storage compartment space for you to store your fishing supplies

It is compacted and can fit in the trunk of your vehicle

There plenty of room for two people to sit comfortably

It a strong and durable kayak that will not lose air in the water

It has a removable fin and release water valve

The kayak made to handle a large amount of weight

Cons :

The kayak does not come with a motor

Check chamber for leaks before putting into the water

3.Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 ss Fishing Kayak

The Sun Dolphin Excursion a sit-in fishing kayak. This product considered to be one of the best fishing kayaks to buy. It a great choice f your fishing in colder temperatures.

The sit-in kayak feature can keep your lower body warmer than a sit-on kayak.That what makes this a good option to consider when fishing in colder waters and windy conditions.

It will keep you drier while paddling because you are sitting inside the kayak. There plenty of more features that this item offers. Each feature can help you determine if this the product for you to purchase.


This fishing kayak works great in lakes and calm waters. The kayak can be used for frequent fishing trips or for floating down the rippled waters. No matter what type of usage you need, this product is fun for everyone. It has handles attached to the front and back of the kayak.

The handles make it easier to pull the kayak in and out of the water. This item is a great choice for people who enjoy being out on the water and who like to fish. It will provide hours of enjoyment and a chance to take in the beautiful scenery.


This product is made to last. It is made of strong polyethylene that makes this kayak durable. The strong material hard to damage and completely UV protected. It can be used in the hot sun without any long-term damage being caused from the UV.

No matter what type of water adventure you are wanting to do, this product will keep you moving. It will not leave you stuck in the middle of nowhere. It has a rugged appearance that fits well with its strong construction. A strong durable kayak is always good to have when out on the water.


This lightweight kayak offers plenty of storage space. The storage space can be used to haul all of your fishing gear and supplies with you. There are a shock cord deck rigging and paddle holder built into the kayak. It has a large cockpit area that provides plenty of room for a comfortable ride. There enough space to sit comfortably on the padded seating while stretching your legs inside the cockpit.

There are two-rod holders that are built onto the kayak for easy fishing rod storage. You can set the rod in the holder instead of having to hold by hand. This is a great product to purchase when you are wanting to enjoy all day fishing trips on the water.

Pros :

There are several rod holders on the kayak

The kayak tracks easily on the water

The shock cords work great and keep your items from moving

There is a built-in paddle holder that perfect for paddle storage

It is UV protected and will not fade or discolor in the sun

The extra padded seats are comfortable enough for long journeys in the water

It is light to carry in and out of the water and easy to load

There is a lot of storage space for fishing gear and supplies

Cons :

The weight limit only 250 pounds

Hard to get in and out of without scraping your skin

4.Lifetime Fishing Kayak

The Lifetime Fishing Kayak a good option for fishermen to use. It has several remarkable features that make a good choice for long water journeys. This product comes in a variety of color choices and has a rugged look when out on the water.

It can be used in different types of water for user convenience. It a strong kayak that constructed to keep moving in the water without any unexpected issues.

The unique benefits of this kayak can help you determine f this the product for you to purchase. It designed for long fishing trips and works well for recreational trips too.


The fishing kayak is strongly constructed of polyethylene material that protects the boat from becoming damaged or scuffed in the water. The strong material designed for heavy use in rough terrain. The polyethylene also coated with UV protectant to keep the kayak looking new and keeping t a bright color.

It not likely to fade from being exposed to UV sun rays. The bottom of the kayak flat for smoother travels. It has a rugged appearance to match the tough exterior construction. This kayak strolls through the water flawlessly because of the construction and design. This boat made for long-term fishing adventures and avid water use on a regular basis.


The kayak designed for added comfort and long water adventures. The seat and backrest are completely padded for extreme comfort. There are several different footrests to fit different size people. You will have all the comforts to enjoy while trying to find the big fish.

There are fishing rod holders mounted onto the kayak for an easier fishing experience. You can relax in the comfortable seat, enjoy the scenery, and watch the pole in the water as it sits in the mounted holder. This kayak has the amenities to make any fishing trip a relaxing adventure.


The fishing kayak extremely durable and can handle anything that faces in the water. The strong boat will keep you moving along without any complications while out on the water. There are two durable storage areas that will keep your supplies protected from the water.

There are stable and durable chine rails and strong handles for easy moving. The kayak durable enough to be transported and stored anywhere with its protective outer construction. This product powerful in the water and durable enough to withstand any type of elements. It is a good choice for fishermen who enjoy frequent outings on the water.

Pros :

The kayak is made of strong material that is UV protected

It has plenty of leg room in the cockpit area

There is extra storage space that keeps supplies dry

It has decent tracking when on the water

The seats extra padding makes a comfortable ride

It works well in high winds without capsizing

It is equipped with hull channel trackers

There are several feet rests for different size passengers

Cons :

The kayak is hard to pull with one person

The screw off the compartment lid broke off after 2 uses

5.Emotion Renegade XT Fishing Kayak

The Emotion Renegade XT Fishing Kayak is a sit on top boat. This type of seating construction allows for more stability while maneuvering through the water.

It offers more room for you without being completely confined in a cockpit area.This type of product makes simple to get in and out of quickly.

It has holes that drain the water from the kayak to keep you and your boat drier. This product made for hours of fun on the water and extremely durable.

There are many different benefits that this product has to offer. Each benefit can help you to determine f this is the kayak that right for you.


The kayak made of durable construction. It made of high-quality polyethylene material. This type of material hard to damage and can withstand bumps, scrapes, and other injuries that can occur. The strong construction will keep you moving along the water without any unexpected issues.

The ST hull offers strong durable tracking and added support to your kayaking adventure. It won’t leave you stranded in the middle of the lake because made to last long into the future. The durably constructed kayak is great for any type of fishing adventure.


The fishing kayak has several built-in carrying handles to make easy to move the item in and out of the water. The lightweight boat easy to transport and can be taken anywhere. Fishermen will have more options in the water because of the rear cargo for and net.

Users can take advantage of the built-in mounted rod holders. The rod holders easily hold the fishing pole in place while you wait for a tug on the line. You can move around the water while you fish with the rod holder accessory. The foot spacers are made for a comfortable and relaxing legroom and foot space.


There plenty of storage room on this fishing kayak. You can store supplies that you need securely under the deck. The storage space offers plenty of room to ensure you can take all of your fishing supplies with you on the water. The seat designed to be removed for added space.

The large storage area under the deck works great for extra supplies and equipment. This a great feature to have because you will not have to worry about being confined with all of your supplies surrounding you on the trip. You can easily stretch and move around while your items are secured under the deck and out of your way.


Large storage space is available on the deck

The kayak perfect for larger people who weight over 300 pounds

The seat comfortable and removable for added room

There are feet spacers to add extra comfort

The kayak lightweight and easy to pull in and out of the water

It tracks great in the water

It can be used on flat or choppy waters

It easy to stand up in without tipping over

Cons :

Can be unstable in high winds and harsh weather

It is hard to keep straight when paddling in the water

6.Sun Dolphin Bali 10′ Sit-on Kayak

The Sun Dolphin Bali a sit on top kayak. It is a good product for beginners or avid users. It comes in a variety of different colors and looks sharp in the water.

It can be used for fishing trips or just a relaxing day on the water.The kayak has several unique features that make it one of the best fishing kayaks on the market.

The Sun Dolphin a popular brand and many fishermen have bought this product. Each of the kayak features can help you determine f this is the right product for you to purchase and use.


The product extremely stable in the water. It will offer a positive confidence during any water adventure. The stability provides extra security when spending long hours on the boat in rough waters. A stable kayak important to have when you are moving in lakes and other large bodies of water.

The stable boat able to track and paddle without any complications. It easy to move around and offers a powerful trip with each use. The boat will stay strong in the water while you enjoy fishing. The stability of the kayak will give you the confidence to take on any type of journey in the water.


The kayak packed full of usable storage space. The extra storage keeps you from being cramped with all your supplies. This extra storage space gives you a place to keep your supply protected and safe from wetness. It has a Portable Accessory Carrier (P.A.C.) that can be used as a backpack, towed behind the boat, or used for extra storage space.

There are other storage areas that keep your items dry with shock cord deck rigging. Being able to have a kayak with this much storage essential when using it for long trips. You can take plenty of supplies with you because there are extra storage compartments to keep safe.


The kayak made to provide a comfortable ride. The comfortable seating designed for long days of fishing and travel. The thigh pads are made for added comfort. There are foot braces that can be adjusted to fit your needs. The paddle holder great to have because provides a secure place for the paddle.

You won’t have to worry about the paddle being in the kayak with taking up space. The cockpit open which makes easier for you to get in and out of. The open cockpit also provides extra comfort with a cozy place to sit. There enough room to easily move around for added comfort.

Pros :

The kayak has an open cockpit area with plenty of room

There are rod holders attached for the fishing poles to sit in

The seating area has added padding for hours of comfort

It easy to move and transport and fits in a van or truck bed

There plenty of extra storage compartments to take advantage of

The kayak simple to track and maneuver in the water

It comes in a variety of unique color choices and designs

The kayak made of durable and strong material

Cons :

The seating is not that comfortable for long trips

The footrests are plastic and flimsy

7.Sea Eagle 370 Kayak Package

The Sea Eagle 370 Kayak Package a good item to purchase and use. The kayak package includes a variety of accessories and resources that make it a great choice in the water. It is easy to use and equipped for long water travels.

This kayak package includes all of the needed accessories to make your next fishing trip unforgettable.The Sea Eagle one of the best fishing kayaks under $500 available for users to purchase. Each of the kayaks features and accessories can provide you with the benefits that can provide.

These features can give you a better idea of how this product can benefit your water needs. You will be able to decide f this the product for you.


The design of this fishing kayak is remarkable. Many users like this product because of all the creative benefits that come with it. It made with a unique design that easy to inflate. You can inflate the product in less than 8 minutes for a fast setup option.

It NMMA certified for added security and durability.This kayak is a great option for recreational adventures and long-term fishing trips. The kayak’s unique design makes stand out among other competitor brands.

This design looks good in the water and will provide you with a stable fishing experience.


The kayak comes with a large number of accessories. It equipped with two paddles that are 7inches and 10 inches in size. There are two comfy seats that are completely inflatable. The kayak also comes with an easy to use a foot pump to pump up the accessories.

It has a carrying bag for the kayak to fit in when not being used.The carrying bag keeps the kayak safe from damage when is being transported or stored. If the kayak was to get damaged, there a repair kit included with the purchase. The repair kit can be kept with you for a fast repair option.


The kayak has a maximum compacity of 650 pounds of weight. It designed to hold up to three people at once. It has a hull weight of 32 pounds. The large capacity of the kayak also equipped with drain holes. The drain holes keep the boat dry while you are in the water.

The kayak is constructed with 5 one-way valves and two skegs for better speed and performance. The compacity of the boat makes it great for taking the whole family with you on the water. It offers plenty of room for a fun fishing adventure.


It resistant to saltwater and UV sun rays which keeps looking brand new

The kayak holds up to three people comfortably without any issues

The kayak simple to control and steer in the water

There are several drain holes to keep the boat dry

It completely inflatable and takes less time to set up

It comes with several accessories to use for the boat

The kayak can be used on any type of water

It can be transported in any vehicle because takes up little room

Cons :

It heavy to carry with one person for long walks to the water

The seats are stiff and could use more back support

How to Buy Budget Kayak

There are several important factors to think about when buying a kayak under 500 on a budget. Kayaks can be used to travel lakes, rivers, oceans, and ponds. The purpose of the kayak should be considered before making a final buying decision. There are a variety of designs and features that are constructed for a specific purpose when on the water.

Some of the designs are built to easily enjoy traveling across flat calm waters. This type of kayak would be a good option to use on and ponds. Other types are built for hard choppy waters that are equipped to ride high surf and tides. When buying a kayak on a budget best to determine the usage and then narrow down the wide selection for an easier buying decision.

Some of the kayaks have more high-quality features than others. If you do not need a kayak that has all of the bells and whistles than a cheaper product would be a better fit. There is a kayak for every budget that works great on the water and will last a long time.


  • Determine the price range that works for you
  • Choose kayaks that are close to or below the budget that you have set
  • Research different brands of kayaks that may be on sale or clearance for a better bargain
  • Figure out what features you can live without and do not need
  • The fewer features that you need with your kayak, will help to find a cheaper product

Accessible Storage

  • Being able to have accessible storage important when buying a kayak.
  • An accessible storage should have plenty of space for your fishing gear and supplies.
  • It should be easy to get to in a hurry.
  • It is important to have quick and accessible storage to maintain the fishing experience and not miss out on the big fish.

Weight Capacity

  • It is crucial to know the weight capacity of the kayak.
  • The weight capacity should be factored carefully to ensure the kayak can hold you and all of your needed supplies.
  • You will want to find a kayak that can accommodate the weight limits that works for you and your fishing equipment.
  • Being able to factor the weight limit you need, can prevent you from having to leave important fishing gear behind.

Deck Space

  • The amount of deck space that a kayak has to offer is important.
  • You will want to find a kayak that can accommodate the space you need.
  • It a good idea to have enough room to move around without being completely cramped and uncomfortable.
  • A deck space should be able to hold the items you want with you and still have plenty of room to move freely.
  • A sizeable deck area good to have when buying a budget kayak.


  • A comfortable kayak another important factor to consider when purchasing a boat.
  • You will want to fit comfortably in the kayak for long periods of time.
  • There should be footrests, extra padding, and soft padded seating in order to have a comfortable boat.
  • Ensure that there is enough padding to accommodate sitting for long periods of time
  • The more comfortable the kayak is, the more enjoyable the adventure.

Each of these factors important to have when searching for the best fishing kayak under 500 Dollars. All of the products included in the review have all of these important features. The products will ensure that you have space, comfort, storage, and weight capacity to fit your needs when a kayak to purchase. It a good idea to factor in these considerations when choosing the perfect boat for you on the water.

Final Verdict

The product review help to provide you with the unique features that each product offers. Each of the best fishing kayaks under 500 a great option to buy and use. They all work well in the water and have built-in features that make fishing a better experience. Each of the products is popular brands on the market and can provide hours of fun on the water.

The kayaks are made of a strong and durable material that keeps them for years. The products are a good choice for beginners or frequent fisherman to use on the water. They all are constructed for added comfort and long-lasting support when in use. Each of the fishing kayaks has extra storage space. The extra storage space designed to keep your supplies dry and safe while you are enjoying the scenery.

The storage compartments you keep your items secure without being cramped inside the kayak. Some of the products are a sit-in or sit-on kayaks and all of them are a great choice for users to enjoy. They offer complete stability in the water and reduce the chance of tipping over. Each of the products is constructed of a thick material that is hard to damage or puncture. If you are looking for a fun and exciting adventure, then one of the best fishing kayaks just right for you.