Best Betta Tank To Buy in 2020 – Top 10 Selections!

Taking care of fish can be quite a difficult task if you do not have the right equipment. Many times, people put fish in bowls or drums or some other container they may already have at home. This can turn out to have adverse effects on the fish and sometimes, even result in their death. This is what makes it a way better choice to get the best betta tank to house your fish. With betta tanks, you would find that it is a lot easier to care for your fish and you can also be sure that your fish would have adequate space and a good environment to grow.

There are so many great fishing tanks available on the market for you to pick from. However, you may find it a little difficult to make a choice since quite a number of them are beautifully designed and created with unique features. This article will review some of the best betta tanks available so that you can find it easier to make a choice.

Best Betta Tank To Buy in 2020 -Comparison

Top 10 Best Betta Tank – Reviews

1. Back to the Roots Water Garden

This tank is a garden in itself, just as the name says. It will ensure that your herbs have enough water to survive on and your fish will be well fed. There is a great symbiotic relationship between the plants and the fish in this tank. While the waste from the fish fertilizes the plant, the plants clean up and filter the water for your fish to comfortably live in.

Normally, fish excrete ammonia. In an ordinary bowl or drum, the excrements will stay just right there and become toxic harmful to the fish. This water tank, however, doesn’t allow that. With this tank, the ammonia is transferred to the plants which would grow better and faster as a result of absorbing the ammonia.

This 3 gallon betta tank also comes with a water pump, fish food, natural fertilizer, organic wheat grass, radish sprout seeds, grow stones and gravel. Just what you need to get started with caring for your fish.

PROs :

It provides a beneficial relationship between plants and fish

It comes with all you need to get started

It is easy to maintain

It is easy to set up

CONs :

The sprout seeds can block the filter if they fall into the tank

2. Fluval SPEC V Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon

Here is a best 5 gallon fish tank designed with enough space to accommodate your fish. As a matter of fact, this tank can accommodate more than one fish at once. And your fish can have enough freedom to swim.

Made from etched glass, this tank is very durable and would not easily break. It is also sufficiently illuminated with 37 LED lamps sitting just right above the aquarium.

Fluval SPEC will also ensure that there is filtered, clean water for your fish with its circulation pump which also comes with an output nozzle as well as a filtration system. You will especially love that this tank has a very modern look and sits just right with your décor.

PROs :

It is durable

It provides enough space for fish

It ensures clean water

It is well illuminated

It looks very modern


There is the risk of the filtration system causing suffocation for the fish

3. Ecoqubec Aquarium Fish Tank

If you are looking for a classy aquarium to add a face lift to your home then this would be just the ideal choice. Apart from the fact that it is elegant, you will also love that it comes with spectrum LED lights which you can use a wireless remote to control.

It is easy to use and self-cleaning so you do not have to be stressed a lot. Its filter system will easily water your plants and feed your fish.

Sand decoration, a glass cover, an integrated aquaponics filter, an aquarium mountain stone, basil seeds and a starter kit, to begin with, are some of the other features you will love about this tank.


PROs :

It is self-cleaning

You can use a wireless remote to control lights

It provides adequate care for plants and fish

It provides a starter kit



4. Fluval SPEC  2 Gallon Fish Tank

This 2 gallon aquarium is small enough to take up only a little space so if you want to save space, you might as well just choose this. It also uses only 40 gallons of water every hour, therefore, is as water conservative as it is space conservative.

It comes with a circulation pump and an output nozzle that ensures that this tank will stay clean. It can keep out unwanted odors, impurities, and discoloration with the help of carbon.

It also enhances nitrification by colonizing beneficial bacteria with the help of bio max. Here is a portable betta tank you are going to really love.


PROs :

It saves space

It saves water

It can keep out odors, impurities, and discolorations

It can trap and keep out large particles


It requires a lot of maintenance

The filtration process causes a loud noise

5. GloFish Tank with Blue LED Light

This one is just really beautiful and can easily pass for another home décor. Aesthetic value is at its peak here. Made from plastic, this is a 5-gallon betta tank that comes with a curved front and would sit comfortably on any surface.

It is well illuminated with 15 LEDs and comes too with a filter cartridge.

GloFish is simply one aesthetically pleasing thing you and even your fish would love.


PROs :

It provides aesthetic value

There is sufficient illumination


This betta tank doesn’t come with a lid

6. Marineland ML90609 5 gallon Aquarium

This is another Best 5 gallon tank with a lot of space for your fish to play in. It comes with a back panel filtration that ensures that aesthetic value is not tampered with. It also comes with a flow filter pump.

There are bright white and blue LEDs that provide daylight as well as moonlight settings. You can easily switch between white and blue lights on this aquarium.

You would especially love the sliding glass canopy that enables you to easily access the tank without needing to take out the lid. This betta tank is just one great way to keep your fish happy and lively.

PROs :

It comes with a sliding glass for easy access

Easy to maintain

Its filtration panel is hidden

You can switch between lights



7. Fluval View Oval Plastic Aquarium

Fluval is a 4 gallon plastic betta tank with a removable cover. You can get a clear view of your fish through this betta tank. There is also sufficient LED lighting including 10 white bulb and one blue one. This tank has a low supply of power while it runs.

It also includes an integrated pump. Its filter and cartridges are placed in separate compartments that you can easily pull out to clean.

It also keeps the water so clean for quite an amount of time. You can choose to set it up as any environment. Fluval is just the perfect treat for your fish.

PROs :

It provides low power supply

You can choose to set it up as one of any environment (cold, tropical or temperate)

It provides sufficient lighting


It comes with a filter that can’t be removed

8. Tetra 3 Gallon Fish Tank

This 3 Gallon Fish Tank is wonderful mostly because it is versatile. It is perfect for up to three different kinds of fish; goldfish, betta fish, and small tropical fish. It also comes with LED light to provide the needed illumination.

The Tetra 3i filter will ensure that your tank is neat. There is a feeding hole right on the lid of the tank to enable feeding your fish. And this tank will sit perfectly on any surface

If you are looking for a versatile betta tank that will make a good home for your goldfish betta fish or small tropical fish, then you have just found it in Tetra.

PROs :

It is versatile

There is a lid on the feeding hole

There is sufficient illumination


It doesn’t come with assembly instructions

9. Tetra 29050 LED 1 Gallon Fish Tank

This 1 Gallon Fish Tank is really small and therefore has the benefit of taking up only a little space. It is great for home as well as office and can sit comfortably on desktop or countertop. This betta tank comes with a LED light at its base rather than on top as most others.

There is also a switch to control the light with. There is a feeding hole on the lid so you do not need to take off the whole lid to feed the fish.

This tank also comes with 4AA rechargeable batteries that you can simply charge with a Micro USB cable.

PROs :

It doesn’t take up much space

It comes with a feeding hole


Because it is really small, it may not accommodate more than one fish

10. API Aquaview 360 Aquarium Kit with Internal Filter

Here is a cylindrical shaped, compact 2 gallon aquarium for your fish. It is suitable too for your home as well as your office. It comes with a 7 colour LED lighting with aqua, amber, green, purple red, white and blue colours. There is a 10 internal power filter to purify the tank and keep it clean. It’s Bio-Chem Zorb 10 filter cartridge keeps out unpleasant things like odors and discolorations.

It offers a clear view of your fish so you can choose to just leisurely watch your fish. It also includes everything you need to start keeping a fish Aquarium

It is suitable for people of all ages, children and adults alike.

PROs :

It includes everything you need for a start

provides sufficient lighting

It doesn’t take up too much space

Capable of keeping out an odor

CONs :

When filter is in use, it can suck the fish

How to Choose the Best Betta Tank

Choosing a betta tank for your fish would basically depend on your preference and what works for you. Whichever one grants you the satisfaction you need is definitely the one you need to go for. There a few features, however, that you need to watch out for to be able to decide exactly what works for you. They are as follows:

The Production material

Acrylic and glass are usually the best production materials for betta tanks as they are usually durable. Glass tanks also do not scratch easily so you can clean without any worries.
Acrylics, on the other hand, can be made into a variety of shapes so you can have a number to choose from.


The production material of any betta tank would usually decide how heavy or light it is. Glass tanks are usually heavier than those made of acrylic. If you want easy mobility with your tanks then you might want to choose something lighter. Also, if you are going to choose a heavy tank then you would need a tough surface to place it on. Basically, this depends on your preference.


You would most likely prefer to have the best betta tank that is easy to clean without taking too much of your time and resources. Tanks with filtration systems that can clean the water in the tank would be the best choice for you to make. You might also want to look out for one that allows the plants to use up the excrement of the fish. This way too, the tank can be kept clean.


Tanks that come with LED lights to aid illumination are usually a great choice especially to let the fish get the feeling of being under the sea.


The larger your betta tank, the more fish they can accommodate and vice versa. So depending on how many fish you want to have, you should pay attention to the size of the tank. If you want much fish, therefore, you might want to pick a bigger betta tank. Bear in mind that bigger fish tanks will also take up more space.

Final Verdict

As has already been mentioned, betta tanks are an excellent way to provide adequate and much-needed care for your fish and make sure they have the best environment to live. If you have been looking to get the best betta tank to house your fish, then the above list should do a great job for you. It all depends on your preference and you can go on and choose which one comes with the features that work best for you and your fish.